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Steve Fraser

Steve Fraser is a visiting professor at New York University,
co-founder of the American Empire
, and the author, most recently, of Wall Street: America's Dream Palace. He is is working on a book about America's two Gilded Ages.


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Americans were furious at the inequalities of their country 200 years ago. Could they get as angry today?

Why are multibillionaires dictating how America teaches its youth, provides healthcare and collects taxes? 

How a city that once celebrated seamstresses and stevedores came to admire "big swinging dicks."

For every San Francisco earthquake and Superstorm Sandy, some die—and others profit.

How debt built America—and may yet come to tear it apart.

“Debtpocalypse” is merely the latest installment in a tragic, forty-year story of the dispossession of American workers. 

Thomas Frank’s Pity the Billionaire is confused about the connection between the Tea Party and conservative cultural populism.

Prison labor as the past—and future—of American “free-market” capitalism.

It was Karl Marx who first observed that high finance is “the Vatican of capitalism.” How right he turned out to be.

After an absence of well over half a century, Wall Street is back, center stage, as the preferred American icon of revulsion, a status it held for a fair share of our history.