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Sonia Shah

Sonia Shah hosts the website resurgentmalaria.com. Her new book, a political history of malaria, is forthcoming from Farrar, Straus & Giroux.


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Zambian economist Dambisa Moyo argues that aid actually undermines the social and economic fabric of the developing world.

After eight years of being sidelined by the Bush administration, many in notoriously apolitical professions are ready to stand up and be counted on the social and ethical implications of their work.

Research subjects in developing countries--often the poorest, the sickest and with the fewest options--become more vulnerable.

Tina Rosenberg is wrong to argue in the New York Times that
environmentalists who fought to limit the use of DDT have contributed
to the worldwide spread of malaria.

As Big Pharma increasingly turns to the Third World to test its products, this lush film will spark outrage, but glosses over the constant vigilance necessary to police drug trials.

Big Pharma tries out First World drugs on unsuspecting Third World

Drug companies influence research; they also affect what gets published.