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Praful Bidwai

Praful Bidwai, a longtime Nation contributor, is a New Delhi-based columnist for twenty-five South Asian newspapers; a social science researcher; a fellow at the Transnational Institute, Amsterdam; and an activist on issues of peace, secularism and human rights. He can be reached at prafulbidwai@gmail.com.


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The president roped once-non-aligned India into a strategic alliance, but only by bolstering the Modi government, with its religious intolerance and pro-corporate policies.

The Indian people have delivered a stunning electoral blow to the right-wing National Democratic Alliance, led by the Hindu-chauvinist Bharatiya Janata Party, and paved the way for a multiparty r

To the beat of
drums by India's Dalits (former Untouchables) and Adivasis
(forest-dwelling tribes) celebrating indigenous popular movements
that refuse to be subdued, the World Social Forum

The Indian public has long been suspicious of the US arguments for
military action against Iraq and the legitimacy of any "regime change"
executed by a superpower with imperial ambitions.