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Peter Schrag

Peter Schrag, retired editorial page editor and columnist for the Sacramento Bee, has been writing for The Nation for nearly a half-century. A paperback edition of his latest book, Not Fit for Our Society: Nativism, Eugenics and Immigration (University of California Press), comes out later this month (June 2011).


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Vouching for vouchers; Elizabeth Warren for president; three kinds of Republican idiots; Borgesian grammar

As thirty-six states contemplate privatization measures, public schools are on the defensive.

Drug prohibition and unregulated guns gave us the Mexican drug wars.

A patchwork of local laws reflects the complicated, contradictory national debate over immigration policy.

What can the nation learn from the Golden State's struggles to deal with its immigrant population?

Howard Rich is pouring big money into leveraging our electoral system to
serve his libertarian agenda.

Advocates are demanding not just equal but decent schools for all children.

Abigail and Stephan Thernstrom have long been pillars of highbrow
conservatism in America.

The Administration appears to be bent on teaching liberal states a lesson.