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Michelle Chen

Michelle Chen is a contributing editor at In These Times and associate editor at CultureStrike. She is also a co-producer of “Asia Pacific Forum” on Pacifica's WBAI and Dissent Magazine's “Belabored” podcast, and studies history at the City University of New York Graduate Center. Find her on Twitter: @meeshellchen.


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Fifteen former students of the for-profit Corinthian college chain are launching a debt strike to allow other debtors to do just that.

Though the territory’s street protests have largely died down, the pro-democracy movement proved it was in for the long haul.

What happens when a computer sets your schedule?

Preventing further sexual and economic violence will require a more equitable distribution of resources within the country and the hemisphere.

A crisis of gender-based violence is festering--and foreign aid efforts are still failing to protect women from harm.

It's not just Newt Gingrich’s crazy idea. Right-wing legislators are busy chipping away at restrictions on youth employment.

The traditional labor movement is hitting roadblocks trying to organize farmworkers. But campaigns that push the bounds of union organizing are finding success, on and off the farm.


Anti-debtors are descending on DC to challenge the Department of Education’s regulation of student debt.
This week’s Supreme Court ruling is one step toward protecting pregnant workers from the whims of their employers.
Workers at this New York restaurant were just awarded $2.67 million for egregious wage theft—and could motivate others to push back...
The UAE welcomes NYU’s culture cachet—but not academics seeking to expose exploitaitve labor conditions.
According to a new lawsuit, the Filipino guest workers were subject to sixteen-hour shifts and abusive treatment at the hands of their...
A climate of impunity for employers, coupled with the threat of deportation, is forcing undocumented workers to bear the costs of injury...
The LWC counters that their tactics have involved creative direct action, not conspiracy or extortion.
How do you plan a budget, or arrange childcare, when you’re always on call?