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Kelly Hearn

Kelly Hearn is an investigative reporter whose work has been funded by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and the North American Congress on Latin America.


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The Nobel Peace Prize winner opens up on Occupy Wall Street, the United Nations and prospects for serious social reform.

US regulators are turning a blind eye to the risks of offshore clinical trials.

Indigenous activists in Peru are challenging their government and its partners in the biofuels industry--and winning.

The recent coal ash spill in Tennessee reveals the toxic fallacy that states should regulate industrial waste.

Women's Health on the Back Burner

New York City

The TVA's efforts to clean up after its massive coal ash spill may create even more health hazards.

New evidence shows that water contamination may have been downplayed after December's massive coal ash spill in Tennessee.

A massive coal sludge spill reveals the Tennessee Valley Authority has become a poster child for the failures of self-regulation.

Legal actions are now unfolding against former Ford Motor Company
officials for colluding with the military during Argentina's "dirty

As Brazilians vote on a historic measure to ban the sale of guns and
ammunition, foes of gun control have received help from a neighbor
to the north: the NRA.