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Jane McAlevey

Jane McAlevey, a PhD Candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center, spent two decades as an organizer in the labor and environmental justice movements. She is the author of Raising Expectations (Raising Hell): My Decade Fighting for the Labor Movement (Verso, 2012).


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When a millionaire governor decrees austerity, it’s time for the left to step up.

After one of Supreme Court’s most anti-union rulings in recent years, is there still time for organized labor to save itself?

From stopping wage theft to organizing carwasheros, victories have come from meeting workers where they live.

As the Keystone XL battle has shown, the blue-green alliance is in trouble—and only a deeper kind of solidarity can rescue it.

As the showdown in Wisconsin demonstrates, progressives must embrace the government workers’ struggle as our own—or else.

For too long, unions have mistaken access for power. They need to get back to organizing and activating members.


Unions invested heavily in the campaign to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Was that a huge mistake?