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Garrett Epps

Garrett Epps, a law professor at the University of Baltimore and a former reporter for the Washington Post, is a legal correspondent for The Atlantic Wire. He is the author of Democracy Reborn: The Fourteenth Amendment and the Fight for Equal Rights in Post-Civil War America.


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Inside the right's campaign to hijack our country's founding text—and how to fight back.

Censorship is a really dirty word.

The conservatives ensconced on the Supreme Court are set to uphold draconian ID requirements on voters that will redefine electoral politics in America.

Those who serve the law in dangerous and original ways are deserving of the recognition--and the protection--that a Nobel Prize would bring them.

It can now be revealed that Justice Antonin Scalia has compiled his own
secret list of Sicilian hand gestures expressing subtle jurisprudential

Questions the Senate should address to any Supreme Court nominee.

Post-9/11 detainees at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn
were held in lockdown twenty-three hours a day (an