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Emily Jane Goodman

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Emily Jane Goodman

Emily Jane Goodman is a former Justice of the New York Supreme Court. She was frequently a target of Mayoral and tabloid attacks.


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At oral argument, members of the Supreme Court seemed suspicious that a thirty-five-foot buffer was necessary for safe entrance to reproductive health facilities.

A Federal appeals court has put a stay on crucial reforms to the NYPD’s controversial policy—but will next week’s mayoral election render the stay moot?

The Bloomberg administration accuses a judge of bias for her rulings against the NYPD. But more judges should consider the human implications of police policies.

Law enforcement appears to be regularly sending subpoenas to social media companies. This time, the target found out about it.

As they serve prison time, offenders are slapped with fees they can't pay, creating a vicious cycle.

A New York judge, invited to observe the Venezuelan presidential election, discovers a functional democracy, reliable electronic-voting technology and a passionate, engaged electorate.