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Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, is the author of False Prophets: Recovering From the Bubble Economy and The End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets Progressive.


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Dire warnings about the deficit don’t add up mathematically. But then, Fix the Debt is not really about the economy, it’s about gutting Medicare, Social Security and other social programs.

The median income of people over age 65 is less than $20,000. The solution is not to cut that further.

A second round of responses from economists and wonks to Thomas Geoghegan's Nation essay “What Would Keynes Do?”

Deficit hawks argue that excessive government spending drives the US's debt woes. They're wrong.

The market’s worst drop in two years may not signal a double-dip recession. But it certainly underscores the stupidity of Washington’s deficit/debt mania.

A financial activities tax (FAT) would encourage long-term investing and help plug budget deficits. Can states rally to pass them?

Developing policy solutions to reduce inequality is not difficult. Mustering political will to enact them is.

There is an easy way to get unemployed workers back to work: pay them to work shorter hours.

To solve the subprime mortgage crisis, start with aid for vulnerable homeowners, smarter economic policies and a more competent Federal Reserve Board.

Click here for info on how to help save social security and click here to send a letter to your elected reps asking them to resist Bush's plans for social secuirty privatization.