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David Sirota is a journalist, nationally syndicated weekly newspaper columnist, and radio host. His weekly column is based at The Denver Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Portland Oregonian, and The Seattle Times and now appears in newspapers with a combined daily circulation of more than 1.6 million readers. He has contributed to The New York Times Magazine and The Nation and hosts an award-winning daily talk show on Denver's Clear Channel affiliate, KKZN-AM760. He is a senior editor at In These Times magazine and a Huffington Post contributor and appears periodically on CNN, The Colbert Report, PBS, and NPR. He received a degree in journalism and political science from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. He lives in Denver with his wife, Emily, son Isaac, and his dog, Monty.


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Long before Sarah Palin, pop culture of the 1980s valorized “going rogue.” Americans are still paying the price.

Can a populist uprising flourish in a sector traditionally hostile to collective action?

The American labor movement must guard the interests of those it represents--even if it makes people in power uncomfortable.

Steny Hoyer spouts Beltway conventional wisdom no matter what the cost to his party; Jack Murtha has the potential to help revise our national security and economic priorities. Is there really a choice here?

Barack Obama talks a great progressive game. But his record so far shows he has a proven ability to mix charisma with deference to the establishment.

No voice rings as hollow as Newt Gingrich's on the GOP culture of
corruption. Incredibly, the media are swallowing his story.

While the Democratic Leadership Council issued a report advising Democrats to behave more like Republicans, Senator Russ Feingold has transcended party lines, forging a large, bipartisan coalition to revise the Patriot Act to better protect Americans' civil liberties.

The Democratic Leadership Council purports to speak for Democrats, yet
still employs former Christian Coalition official Marshall Wittmann to
parrot dishonest right-wing talking points about the war. Meanwhile,
Nancy Pelosi joins Representative Jack Murtha to demand withdrawal from

While Steny Hoyer seeks to "make himself the first contact for K
Street," Nancy Pelosi and George Miller are pressing forward with their
crackdown on lobbying and ethics abuses.

Joe Biden buoys up Samuel Alito's nomination by tamping down
speculation of a filibuster. But California's George Miller convinced
the President to revoke an executive order that would undermine
prevailing Gulf Coast wages.