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David Rieff

David Rieff, a New York–based journalist, is the author of eight books. He is working on a book about the global food crisis.


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Margarethe von Trotta’s biopic of Hannah Arendt is a film about ideas that remains intellectually detached from them.

In his memoir, The Patagonian Hare, the Shoah director’s life upstages his masterwork.

To see humanitarianism everywhere is not to see it at all.

Nick Cullather’s The Hungry World teaches us that US agricultural assistance in Asia during the cold war was a Green Counterrevolution.


Davis, Calif.

When liberals and conservatives discuss the United States' role in the
world, they are really talking about the narcissism of small
differences. Two new books show how both sides share a conviction in
American exceptionalism.

Two new books examine what went wrong in the planning and conduct of the war in Iraq.

When we put our faith in civil society, we are grasping at