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Chris Lehmann

Chris Lehmann, an editor at The Baffler and Bookforum, is at work on a book about American religion and the culture of money.


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Conservative religious thinkers and their intellectual crusades.

The Unwinding is a fine-grained account of economic collapse that runs aground on causeless abstractions.

How the American Moses became America’s first spiritual manager in the wilderness of Scripture-infused capitalism.

Why are moral and political thinkers failing to engage with the true, dispiriting scale of market sovereignty?

The true economic legacy of the Reagan years is not tax cuts but union busting.

As contradictory as the gospel truths of California's digerati are the dogmas of West Coast evangelicalism, a melding of Jefferson and Jesus.

Clay Shirky's Cognitive Surplus is the latest monotonous revery about the Internet social revolution. Evgeny Morozov punctures that bubble.

In Griftopia Matt Taibbi argues that America has been corrupted by the merger of crime and policy, of stealing and government.

Taylor Branch and a president's prodigious appetite for vindication before the bar of history.

British author Jonathan Coe departs from grand social transformations and turns to the domestic sphere in The Rain Before It Falls.