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Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson, a reporter for the Barcelona daily La Vanguardia, writes frequently on Eurozone political economy for The Nation.


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No—the Greek negotiators had to swallow some bitter pills, but they extracted crucial concessions from the troika.

Catalans are fed up with Madrid’s austerity and corruption—making November’s referendum nonbinding has only postponed the confrontation.

What happens when the media report the crimes of the elite, amid the worst economic crisis in decades? They get threatened—sometimes with their lives.

You know you’re in trouble when the master of structural adjustment says enough is enough.

In Andalusia, they’re fighting unemployment and austerity with flamenco protests, house squatting and a reinvigorated leftist coalition.

Lo que está en juego es muchísimo.

As politicians dither, the threat of default spreads from Greece to Spain and Italy.

Not really. But debates on rising inequality are now de rigueur at the World Economic Forum.

The strange thing about last week’s Brussels compact is that it is irrelevant to the task at hand—avoiding collapse of the euro.

Mariano Rajoy’s right-wing party crushed the socialists, but Spain’s fate depends more on bond traders and central bankers than its cabinet.