Story Tellers: Understanding the Native American Legacy

Bismark – Standing Rock – Pine Ridge – Albuquerque – Sante Fe

Even as they have been systematically persecuted, Native Americans continue to be central to America’s identity and history.  Join us on a journey that seeks insight and understanding into this deeply troubled relationship and into the richness and diversity of Native American cultures. Our 9-day program travels through dramatic landscapes that will take us from the Dakotas to New Mexico and along the way we’ll meet with community and tribal leaders, story-tellers, artists and activists.

The following is a tentative outline of our tour pending availability of speakers. Final details will be available soon.


• In Bismarck meet with the Lakota People’s Law Project and Chase Iron Eyes, whose charges related to the Dakota Access Pipeline protests were recently dropped.

• Talk to former North Dakota U.S. Attorney Tim Purdon who is managing lawsuits filed by four out of the five North Dakota tribal nations. The lawsuits against 24 opioid manufacturers and distributors allege devastating public health effects from the opioid epidemic and seek monetary damages.

• Visit the Standing Rock Indian Reservation and meet with Mike Faith, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal chairman and an 18-year veteran of the Standing Rock Tribal Council.

• Meet with leaders at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, a vast, 3,500-sq mile rectangle of land at the south-western base of South Dakota, home to 20,000 Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe members.

• Stand at the monument that marks the mass grave of Sioux men, women and children killed in the 1890 Wounded Knee massacre by the US army.

• Drive through the spectacular Custer State Park, Dakota’s first and largest state park. The park is home to wildlife big and small from the burly, brawny bison to the peeking, passive prairie dog.

• View the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Also see Crazy Horse Memorial, commissioned by Henry Standing Bear, an Oglala Lakota Chief to honor all North American Indians.

• In Albuquerque, meet with Gregory Cajete, Native American educator whose work is dedicated to honoring the foundations of indigenous knowledge in education. Dr. Cajete is a Tewa Indian from Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico.

• In Santa Fe join chef Lois Ellen Frank, from the Kiowa Nation on her mother’s side and Sephardic on her father’s side, on a culinary adventure. Lois has spent over 25 years documenting foods and life ways of Native American tribes from the Southwest and we will enjoy a fascinating look at Native American food and culture. Blue corn gnocchi arrowheads with guajillo chile sauce, seasonal greens with jalapeno dressing, lamb stuffed rellenos with tomato sauce, sweet fry-bread with seasonal berries and prickly pear syrup will be prepared and served.

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Late Spring 2019: Coming soon!


Coming Soon!