It is the Christian conviction that revelation not only provides illumination for the social task of justice but it also provides the resources of spirit that are at once the fruit of faith and the prerequisite to addressing concrete social issues. That is a biblical theologian’s view that needs to be substantiated by concrete witnesses, by lives put on the line in the struggle for freedom.

Lessons of faith were offered by many on this program but there are two I will mention: Elizabeth Eckford and Reverend Carolyn McKinstry. They spoke of their witness from the vantage pointy of faith that gave them courage in the midst of the battle as well as the spirit in which they did their battling. It was also their faith that brought healing to their wounds.

Reverend James H. Cone of the A.M.E. Church says there can be no reconciliation with masters as long as their are masters. There can be no communication between masters and slaves until masters no longer exist. My task is the fight the master, be in the church or in the world, as well as the master within me.