Back Talk: Frederick Wiseman Back Talk: Frederick Wiseman

A conversation with the director of La Danse about the discipline of ballet--and documentary filmmaking.

Dec 23, 2009 / Back Talk Conversations / Christine Smallwood

Ratmansky Takes Manhattan Ratmansky Takes Manhattan

A celebrated Russian choreographer is charting a stylish new course for American Ballet Theatre.

Sep 23, 2009 / Books & the Arts / Marina Harss

Walk With Me: The Art of Jerome Robbins Walk With Me: The Art of Jerome Robbins

The genius of Jerome Robbins.

Oct 22, 2008 / Books & the Arts / Marina Harss

Pointe Work Pointe Work

Nureyev: The Life brings new focus to an iconic figure of modern ballet.

Nov 21, 2007 / Books & the Arts / Marina Harss

Company Man Company Man

Martin Duberman's biography of Lincoln Kirstein is a case study of the relationship between art and power.

Jun 21, 2007 / Books & the Arts / Lynn Garafola

The Brown Decades The Brown Decades

In an engaging new memoir, Carolyn Brown recollects her work with modern dance legends Merce Cunningham and John Cage.

May 10, 2007 / Books & the Arts / Rachel Cohen

Let’s Dance Let’s Dance

In Tango: The Art History of Love, Robert Thompson traces the dance's roots in Afro-Argentine history. Tomas Eloy Martínez's The Tango Singer appropriates its music to explo...

Aug 31, 2006 / Books & the Arts / Marina Harss

Diaghilev in Perm Diaghilev in Perm

Few Westerners have ever heard of Perm. A former czarist administrative center, rustbelt Soviet city and gateway to the gulag, Perm was long off-limits to foreigners.

Nov 6, 2003 / Books & the Arts / Lynn Garafola

One Step Removed One Step Removed

Those of us who have followed the New York City Ballet and the repertory of the world's greatest choreographer, George Balanchine, since the mid-1950s are filled with spine-tin...

Feb 13, 2003 / Books & the Arts / Diane Rafferty

Street-Dancing Man Street-Dancing Man

In classical dance, the art of imbalance--the pirouette, the jeté or the mere ethereal, alighted walk that alone makes audiences feel they are getting their money's wort...

Feb 6, 2003 / Books & the Arts / Ginger Danto