This week we talk to professor Cheryl Cooky, co-author of the new study “One and Done: The Eclipse of Women’s Televised Sports, 1989–2019.” Cooky talks about the study’s methodology, the origins of the study, and some surprising findings from the report.

We also have Choice Words about why Major League Baseball chose to move the All-Star Game from the state of Georgia. In addition, we also have Just Stand Up and Just Sit Down awards to, respectively, everyone who helped push the MLB to move the All-Star Game from Georgia and Dwyane Wade for his support of trans rights and the NCAA, which has somehow managed to find itself to the right of the most right-wing judges in US Supreme Court history. All this and more on this week’s show!

Cheryl Cooky
Twitter: @ProfCooky
One and Done: The Long Eclipse of Women’s Televised Sports, 1989–2019

Will MLB Celebrate Jackie Robinson While Holding Its All-Star Game In Georgia?

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