Rugby’s Most Political Athlete

Rugby’s Most Political Athlete

Rugby star David Pocock joins the show to talk about his retirement, sports, and politics.


This week we speak to the great David Pocock about his retirement from rugby. We talk to him about leaving the game, his experiences playing rugby and lessons he has learned from the sport. We also talk about what he’s look forward to during the next phase of his life.

We also have Choice Words about the blowback to comments made by Fox’s Joe Buck and Troy Aikman about pointless and wasteful military flyovers. In addition, we have Just Stand Up and Just Sit Down awards to all the great athletes that are doing the work of rallying young people to the polls, and some arrogant NBA agents that are criticizing the league and the players for their support of black lives matter. All this and more on this week’s show!

David Pocock
Twitter: @pocockdavid
The Guardian: David Pocock retires: Australian great quits rugby to focus on conservation efforts

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