The Legendary ‘Cobra’ Dave Parker

The Legendary ‘Cobra’ Dave Parker

Legendary baseball player Dave Parker joins the show to talk about his recent book and his storied career.


This week we talk to former baseball MVP Dave “The Cobra” Parker, about his new book Cobra: A Life of Baseball and Brotherhood. We talk to Parker about his career, Roberto Clemente, and even get a vocal performance.

We also have Choice Words about the last time there was a movement to get MLB to move the All-Star Game over a decade ago. In addition, we also have a Just Stand Up award to everyone that helped push MLB to Olympian Sakura Kokumai for bringing attention to anti-Asian bigotry in the United States and a Just Sit Down award to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who continues to feed the public nonsense about the racist anti-voting bill in Georgia. All this and more on this week’s show!

Dave Parker
Cobra: A Life of Baseball and Brotherhood

The Last Time People Tried to Get Baseball to Move the All-Star Game

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