‘Critical Race Theory’ at a Big Sports School

‘Critical Race Theory’ at a Big Sports School

African American Studies department chair David Canton joins the show to talk sports, politics, and critical race theory


This week we speak to Dr. David Canton, the new head of the African American studies department at the University of Florida, about how he intends to teach about sports, racism, and politics given the recent legislation against teaching any kind of antiracism by Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

We also have Choice Words about the NFL and its racist practice called race-norming. In addition, we have a Just Stand Up award to Australian swimmer Maddie Groves, who has chosen to withdraw from the Olympics as a message to sexist perverts, and a Just Sit Down award to everyone who added to the hype machine leading up to the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul. All this and more on this week’s show!

David Canton
Dr. David A. Canton Named Director of African American Studies at UF

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