Toni Smith-Thompson Travels Full Circle

Toni Smith-Thompson Travels Full Circle

The activist  joins the show to talk about a huge recent development in her story.


In 2003, a Manhattanville College basketball player named Toni Smith caused a media frenzy when she turned her back on the National Anthem during President Bush’s wars in the Middle East. It was not received well. Now, two decades later, Toni Smith-Thompson was the commencement speaker at the Manhattanville graduation and received an honorary doctorate. We speak to Toni Smith-Thompson about that journey.

In this episode, we have Choice Words about the silence from male athletes when it comes to Brittney Griner’s unjust detainment in Russia. We also have a Just Stand Up award for the US women’s soccer team for being victorious in their landmark suit for equal pay. And we have a Just Sit Down award for sports bloviator Doug Gottlieb, who seems unable to recognize what real racism looks like, let alone a history book. All this and more on this week’s show!

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