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November 4, 2002 Issue

John Nichols examines upcoming electoral contests, Héctor Timerman assesses the Argentine army’s chief of staff and Kate Doyle…

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Human Rights at the UN

The day after Mary Robinson stepped down as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, forced out by determined pressure from Washington, George W.

Legal Jeopardy

The military needs more lawyers. More accurately, the Defense Department wants military recruiters to recruit law students on campus and through official channels.

Justice in Guatemala

Kate Doyle served as an expert witness in the Mack trial. The documents used in the trial and dozens of other declassified US records on US policy in Guatemala may be found at the ...


Home on the Range

There's a joke circulating on the Internet: A grandmother overhears her 5-year-old granddaughter playing "wedding." The wedding vows go like this: "You have the right to rem...



Books & the Arts

Prairie Home Companion

When the University of Nebraska Press sent my review copy of the Selected Short Stories of Weldon Kees with a note asking that I please accept the book with the compl...

Did the CIA Blow the Call?

Shortly after Ronald Reagan became President of the United States, the nation's capital got a second morning newspaper. Eventually, Dr. Ronald Goodwin, formerly the Rev.

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