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May 30, 2011 Issue

Cover art by: Cover design by Milton Glaser ­Incorporated

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  • Editorials

    Taking Back the States

    In Republican "trifecta" states, the backlash against the GOP's radical social agenda has begun.

    the Editors

  • The Kushner Affair

    It is shameful that CUNY colluded so thoughtlessly in an attempt to narrow the bounds of acceptable public discourse.

    the Editors

  • South Asia Without Osama bin Laden

    Bin Laden's death offers President Obama a chance to end the war in Afghanistan and to prevent one in Pakistan.

    Graham Usher

  • Noted.

    Liliana Segura on Obama's immigration policy, D.D. Guttenplan and Maria Margaronis on the UK's faltering Liberal Democrats, and Frank Askin on electoral reform in New Jersey.

    Various Contributors

  • The Fatah-Hamas Accord

    The agreement to end the schism between the two Palestinian factions reflects the profound political changes underway in the Middle East.

    Mouin Rabbani

  • Honoring Baltasar Garzón

    The Spanish judge who dared to hold brutal human rights violators to account is now fighting for his legal career.

    David Cole

  • Fantasy Islands

    When the lines between fantasy, desire, action and intent have been so blurred, the thought itself becomes the crime.

    JoAnn Wypijewski

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