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June 14, 1999 Issue


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  • Editorial

    Another Course in Kosovo

    There are principled differences within the progressive community about the war in Yugoslavia, including the use of ground troops.

    Kai Bird

  • Oppose a Wider War

    Secretary of State Madeleine Albright now reportedly endorses sending NATO troops into a "nonpermissive environment," a chilly euphemism for wreaking new havoc on the Balkans and sending American

    the Editors

  • Tiananmen Plus Ten

    On May 10, as tens of thousands of students rallied here for the third day of government-approved protests against NATO's bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, magazine editor Cao Jiahe was

    Sophie Beach

  • Column

    Port Huron Piffle

    Tom Hayden's editorial essay ["The Liberals' Folly," May 24] was an offense to reason and an offense to principle. Why don't I begin with the principle?

    Christopher Hitchens

  • A Bronx Tale

    You're 19, single, on welfare. You breast-feed your baby because you know breast is best. When the baby fails to gain weight, your mother says not to worry, you were even smaller at that age.

    Katha Pollitt

  • Post-Littleton Gun Vote in the Senate

    When guns became the issue of the day,
    Republicans, as is their custom, put
    Their party right behind the NRA,
    And shot themselves quite badly in the foot.

    Calvin Trillin
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