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July 14, 2003 Issue

Leading thinkers discuss humanitarian intervention, Juan Cole says Iran’s students could use our help and the editors examine affirmat…

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Nation Note

Floyd Abrams, Laurence Tribe, Robin Williams, Margaret Cho, Martin Garbus and others are supporting a petition asking New York State Governor George Pataki to pardon legenda...

Missed Conception

Hawaii recently became the fifth state to make emergency contraception, also known as the morning-after pill, available directly from pharmacists. This is far from a small regul...

Aiding Iran’s Students

The Iranian student demonstrations that began on June 10 initially protested plans to privatize Teheran University and to raise tuition. They quickly became a forum for crit...

Affirmative Action Lives

In one of its most important cases in decades, the Supreme Court on June 23 upheld the prerogative of colleges and universities to give preferences to members of minority gr...



Books & the Arts


There are killer weeds, deep in the flower patch,
down at the bottom of the tombstone.
Only they'll seem to breed out of the ground itself.

Our Man in Jazz

Not many people can say they changed the world and make it stick. In Myself Among Others: A Life in Music, George Wein does.

White Teeth

Norman Rush's first novel, Mating (1991), opens with a nervous but gripping epigram: "In Africa, you want more, I think." The speaker, an unnamed American anthropolog...

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