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February 7, 2005 Issue

Jonathan Schell knows what is wrong with torture, Rick Perlstein unveils the DLC’s tactics and Stuart Klawans reviews “Assault o…

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Party Cannibals

In December the leaders of the Democratic Leadership Council, Al From and Bruce Reed, published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about what the Democrats had to do t...


Harry’s Travails

Imagine, in the same month as the death of the muse of high camp, Susan Sontag, we have England in an uproar about Prince Harry and his silly armband.



Books & the Arts

Blood Simple

Half a century has passed since Manny Farber wrote in these pages about underground films, by which he meant the urban crime movies watched by male loiterers near the Greyhoun...

Men in Dark Times

"I am very happy to see so many flowers here and that is why I want to remind you that flowers, by themselves, have no power whatsoever, other than the power of men and women ...

In the Penal Colony

Alberto Gonzales's nomination to succeed John Ashcroft as Attorney General put the Abu Ghraib torture scandal back on the front pages, since he was directly implicated, as Whi...

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