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December 24-31, 2012 Issue

Cover art by: Cover design by Milton Glaser Incorporated

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  • Books and the Arts

    A More Imperfect Union: On the European Central Bank

    How a central bank created to exist apart from politics got drawn into bitter political arguments.

    Henry Farrell

  • A Dash for It: On Lisa Cohen

    The unconventional story of three women and their unconventional lives in the early twentieth century.

    Ruth Scurr

  • Glamour Suits

    Sam Mendez’s Skyfall, David O. Russell’s Silver Lining Playbook, Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina, Jacques Audiard’s Rust and Bone, Katheryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty.

    Stuart Klawans

  • Shelf Life

    Breaking the Silence’s Our Harsh Logic: Israeli Soldiers’ Testimonies from the Occupied Territories, 2000–2010.

    Eyal Press

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