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December 20, 2004 Issue

A forum on the election with Theda Skocpol, Eric Foner, Mary Gordon, Van Jones, Richard Rorty, Michael Lind, Noam Chomsky, Mary Robinson and…

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Nation Notes

The fourth annual winner of the Puffin/Nation Prize for 2004 is author and social critic Barbara Ehrenreich, a longtime contributor to this magazine, as well as to othe...

Defunct Economists

Professor Paul Samuelson's Economics: An Introductory Analysis has been the bestselling college economics textbook for more than fifty years.

Dutch Tolerance Tried

“We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant.” So said the philosopher Karl Popper near the end of World War II.

Ukraine’s Untold Story

However Ukraine's crisis is resolved, it is clear that interference by Russia and the United States has been massive. Viktor Yanukovich, the current Prime Minister, was Moscow...

DNC Makeover Time

Politics doesn't grant any long mourning periods. Democrats have to shake off the postelection blues--now--and begin agitating among themselves to create a very different part...




Books & the Arts

Godard’s Inferno

Michelangelo and Ulysses came home from the war with knapsacks bulging, bearing the reward for hardships suffered and inflicted. "We promised you the world," the soldiers boas...

False Promises

In American Dream, his masterful new book about welfare reform, Jason DeParle brings together two groups of people who rarely seem to meet: welfare policy-makers and we...

Body Heat

After the Kinsey Report but before the first Penthouse Forum, John Updike wrote, "He kneels in a kind of sickness between her spread legs.

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