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December 12, 2005 Issue

Alexander Cockburn skewers Democrats for failing to support John Murtha’s call for a rapid pullout from Iraq, Jonathan Schell examines…

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While Steny Hoyer seeks to "make himself the first contact for K Street," Nancy Pelosi and George Miller are pressing forward with their crackdown on lobbying and ethics abuses.

Undermining Haiti

Democracy is being destroyed in Haiti, openly and with the support of the United States and United Nations. If the farce election set for December 27 by unelected government takes ...

Waist Deep in Big Oil

While political pressure is mounting for a pullout from Iraq, the subject of total withdrawal remains unbroachable within the political establishment. Control of the Iraq's ...

Alito’s CAP Connection

Samuel Alito once boasted he was a member of Concerned Alumni of Princeton, which opposed bemoaned the impact of co-education and affirmative action. What does this say about his c...

The Murtha Moment

John Murtha is right: The American public has turned against the war. Democrats and Republicans must put aside politics and work together to bring the troops home quickly and focus...


Bush’s Iraq Outdoes Saddam

Ethnic cleansing, chemical weapons, self-appointed executioners: Sound familiar? The US occupation in Iraq has created conditions just as bad--if not worse--than Saddam Hussein's r...

The Truth About the War

The truth about the Iraq war may be clear to John Murtha and 60 percent of the American people, but not to the three Democratic senators interested in becoming President in 2008.



In Praise of John Murtha

With 457 blunt-spoken words, John Murtha broke the spell that had held the country captive to the misguided adventure in Iraq. It suddenly became respectable to talk of a pullout. ...

Mismanaged Care

Tennessee once had a visionary health care plan for that left only 14 percent of residents uninsured. But with federal cuts and a governor's misguided attempt to privatize Medicaid...

The Real McCain

John McCain is a war hero, a sometime Democratic ally, a crusader for campaign finance reform. But the centrist maverick will most likely take a turn to the right if he wants to ge...

Books & the Arts

Marxism and Form

Perry Anderson's Spectrum journeys through the abstract worlds of conservative and liberal intellectual thought, and leaves in its trail insights on the substance and style ...

The Best Intentions

Syriana disappoints; The Boys of Baraka documents the lives of inner-city kids transported to the wild beauty of Africa; and Punishment Park zeroes in on injus...

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