Each module contains the following:

  • An introduction to the time period
  • Multiple excerpts from original Nation articles along with original, full-text PDF versions.
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Questions to help students develop insights and analytical skills
  • Practice activities for testing mastery of those skills

The excerpts from Nation articles are presented in a format similar to that of the DBQ (document-based question) section of the AP US History exam. The excerpts feature vintage primary source reporting offering vivid looks at issues that have divided the country.

The practice exercises that follow the excerpts are designed to help students become comfortable with the AP exam’s DBQ format. The first two exercises challenge students to read closely and analyze the excerpts. The third practice activity poses a question and asks students to construct an essay that uses the excerpts to answer that question.

Teacher Modules are password-protected and include all content on student pages, plus:

  • Lesson plans for direct teaching of the content
  • Discussion questions to pose before and after reading of the magazine articles
  • Definitions of selected vocabulary from the excerpts
  • Model responses to questions