Tom Engelhardt launched TomDispatch in November 2001 as an e-mail publication offering commentary and collected articles from the world press. In December 2002, it gained its name, became a project of The Nation Institute, and went online as "a regular antidote to the mainstream media." The site now features Tom Engelhardt's regular commentaries and the original work of authors ranging from Rebecca Solnit, Bill McKibben and Mike Davis to Chalmers Johnson, Michael Klare, Adam Hochschild, Robert Lipsyte and Elizabeth de la Vega. Nick Turse, who also writes for the site, is associate editor and research director.

TomDispatch is intended to introduce readers to voices and perspectives from elsewhere (even when the elsewhere is here). Its mission is to connect some of the global dots regularly left unconnected by the mainstream media and to offer a clearer sense of how this imperial globe of ours actually works.

Bloody Monday Bloody Monday

The headlines tell the story. On Tuesday, my hometown paper played the news relatively mildly as "Layoffs Spread to More Sectors of the Economy"; the Washington Post cho...

Jan 30, 2009 / The Notion / TomDispatch

The Day the Earth Still Stood The Day the Earth Still Stood

Inauguration day! Gazillions of Americans descended on Washington. The rest of us were watching on TV or checking out streaming video on our computers. No one was paying attenti...

Jan 20, 2009 / The Notion / TomDispatch

What More Means in Afghanistan What More Means in Afghanistan

With Afghanistan, it always seems to be more and worse. More American (and NATO) troops "surging" in, more Taliban control in the countryside, more insurgent attacks, mo...

Jan 13, 2009 / The Notion / TomDispatch

Hard Times Without Studs Hard Times Without Studs

On Sunday, I went to a memorial for Studs Terkel, that human dynamo, our nation's greatest listener and talker, the one person I just couldn't imagine dying. After all, the man wr...

Dec 12, 2008 / The Notion / TomDispatch

FDR Mania FDR Mania

If you want to catch something of the fears and hopes of Americans right now, go to and try searching for a few words. For instance, put in "FDR" -- the ...

Dec 1, 2008 / The Notion / TomDispatch

Custodians of Empire Custodians of Empire

The Obama national security "team" -- part of that much-hailed "team of rivals" -- does not yet exist, but it does seem to be heaving into view. And so far, it...

Nov 25, 2008 / The Notion / TomDispatch

A Fallen Legion in Washington A Fallen Legion in Washington

By October 2005, when American casualties in Iraq had not yet reached 2,000 dead or 15,000 wounded, and our casualties in Afghanistan were still modest indeed, informal "walls...

Nov 24, 2008 / The Notion / TomDispatch

A Clinton Administration? A Clinton Administration?

No one should be shocked to discover that, in his transition to the presidency, the "inexperienced" former senator from Chicago has turned to the last Democratic administ...

Nov 19, 2008 / The Notion / TomDispatch

Will Afghanistan Become Obama’s War? Will Afghanistan Become Obama’s War?

One of the eerier reports on the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan appeared recently in the New York Times. Journalist John Burns visited the Russian ambassador in Kabul, Zam...

Nov 17, 2008 / The Notion / TomDispatch

Seismic Shifts in the Political Landscape Seismic Shifts in the Political Landscape

There's clearly a new political landscape forming in the U.S. That's what the polls are telling us. It's not just that the first major-party black candidate for President is lead...

Oct 29, 2008 / The Notion / TomDispatch