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Tim Robinson

Tim Robinson is an illustrator/artist based in Croton on Hudson, New York. Over the years his drawings and collage work have appeared regularly in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, The Nation, and many other significant publications. Tim graduated from Syracuse University in 1985 and got his feet wet working in magazine development and redesign for Walter Bernard and Milton Glaser. That relationship led to his first published illustrations. Tim’s collage work is often topical, political, and humorous. He’s pretty much in despair about the whole “Trump thing,” and his piece, switching Trump into a Soviet era propaganda poster, was his reaction to Trump’s call for a military parade on Veteran’s Day in 2018. Tim also spends his time making less-alarming images, painting landscapes of the Hudson Valley where his work is frequently on view in solo and group shows. He is still confident that “this too shall pass”. More of his work is visible at