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Robin Légère Henderson

Robbin Légère Henderson is an artist and writer whose book “Immigrant Girl, Radical Woman” is just out from Cornell University Press (Industrial and Labor Relations imprint). A painter for decades, for the past six years Robbin Légère Henderson’s work has focused on a multi-disciplinary project that involves historical research, text and scratchboard drawings to illustrate and contextualize an autobiography by her grandmother, IWW organizer Matilda Rabinowitz (1887-1963). Entitled “Immigrant Girl, Radical Woman.” The book is a graphic memoir recently published by Cornell University Press (ILR imprint). After attending Reed College, Henderson, received her BA in English Literature at the University of California at Berkeley, with further education at the San Francisco Art Institute where she studied painting and printmaking. She has shown her artwork in the U.S. and abroad, most recently at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, the Berkeley Art Center and the Richmond Art Center. More of her work can be seen at