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  • Leah Rosenzweig

    Leah Rosenzweig is a New York-based writer whose work has appeared in <em>Buzzfeed</em>, <em>Slate</em>, <em>Paste</em>, and elsewhere. 

  • Julie Morse

    Julie Morse is a journalist in Mexico City.

  • Stefan Eich

    Stefan Eich teaches political theory at Princeton, where he is Perkins-Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow in the Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts.

  • Eneko Las Heras

    Eneko Las Heras was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and lives in Spain. His illustrations appear in magazines and newspapers including El Nacional, El Diario de Caracas, Economía Hoy, Nueva Sociedad (Venezuela), and El País, El Diario Vasco, Deia, Egin, Cinco Días (Spain), among others, and his books include ¡FUEGO!

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  • Chris Gelardi

    Chris Gelardi is a New York City–based journalist and an editorial intern at The Nation.

  • Zack Wasserman

    Zack Wasserman is head of global business development at Via.

  • Erin Schwartz

    Erin Schwartz is a New York-based writer and the co-editor of Natasha.

  • Michael Colborne

    Michael Colborne is a Canadian journalist who covers central and eastern Europe.

  • Una Hajdari

    Una Hajdari is a journalist covering the Balkans. She is the 2018 Elizabeth Neuffer Fellow at the International Women’s Media Foundation and a research fellow at MIT’s Center for International Studies.