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  • Rebecca Kirszner Katz

    Rebecca Kirszner Katz is the Founder of New Deal Strategies, a newly launched firm serving only progressive political candidates and causes.

  • Colin Kinniburgh

    Colin Kinniburgh is a freelance journalist living in Paris.

  • Lynne Feeley

    Lynne Feeley is a writer based in Seattle. Her work has appeared in Environmental History, American Literature, and the L.A. Review of Books.

  • Stephanie Wykstra

    Stephanie Wykstra (@swykstr) is a freelance writer and researcher based in New York

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  • Jean-Christophe Servant

    Jean-Christophe Servant is a journalist.

  • Joe Bucciero

    Joe Bucciero is a writer born in Chicago and based in Princeton, New Jersey.

  • Ashoka Mukpo

    Ashoka Mukpo is a journalist and writer who reports on human rights and current affairs. He's presently a staff reporter with the American Civil Liberties Union in New York.

  • Ryan Inzana

    Ryan Inzana is an illustrator and comic artist whose work has appeared in numerous magazines, ad campaigns, books and various other media all over the world. His illustration work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators and American Illustration. Ryan's comics have been inducted into the Library of Congress's permanent collection of art. A graduate of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, ...