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Mark Hertsgaard

  • EnvironmentJanuary 11, 2006

    Green Power

    The Green Party fell from power in recent German elections, but Greens continue to be the party to watch, a progressive influence on the world's third-largest economy.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • Climate ChangeSeptember 29, 2005

    Global Storm Warning

    Scientists universally recognize the devastating effects of global warming, including its possible role in creating Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. It's time for skeptics to listen up before another devastating storm hits.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • Climate ChangeJune 29, 2005

    Climate and the G-8

    Though the G-8 leaders should subsidize zero-carbon energy sources, they should resist Bush's advocacy of nuclear energy.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • Environmental ActivismFebruary 17, 2005

    Beyond Boycotts

    Absent George W. Bush's undergoing a conversion like St. Paul's on the road to Damascus, there probably won't be much good environmental news out of Washington in Bush's second term.

    Mark Hertsgaard

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  • Climate ChangeDecember 16, 2004

    A Challenge to Enviros

    America's environmental movement has failed and should die as soon as possible so something better can take its place.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • Climate ChangeOctober 14, 2004

    Climate, the Absent Issue

    Every once in a while there is good news in this troubled world, and the choice of Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai as this year's Nobel Peace Prizewinner is one such moment.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • EnvironmentAugust 12, 2004

    Election Matters

    In the 1960s John F. Kennedy inspired America with his pledge to put a man on the moon in ten years. Now, John F.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • MediaJune 10, 2004

    Beloved by the Media

    Ronald Reagan lived a charmed life in many respects, none more so than in his relationship with the news media.

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • BusinessMay 6, 2004

    Bhopal’s Legacy

    Every December for the past nineteen years, marchers in Bhopal, India, have paraded an effigy of Warren Anderson through town and burned it. Anderson is despised because he was the CEO of Union

    Mark Hertsgaard

  • PoliticsMarch 18, 2004

    Three Mile Island

    On the morning of September 11, 2001, after the second plane hit the World Trade Center and it was clear that the nation was under attack, US authorities issued an emergency alert, grounding air

    Mark Hertsgaard