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Juana Martinez Olivera

In 2010, a group of women from San Francisco Tanivet who had no craft or art skills of any kind began an art project lead by Marietta Bernstorff cultural promoter, curator, artist and founder of Women Artist and Maize Collective (MAMAZ). The Tanivet project would not only raise family incomes, but also the women’s spirits by telling their own stories of migration and farming. After several talks with the women of Tanivet, it was decided that using patchwork/applique (a tradition once used in Oaxaca), would help them develop embroidery skills that they were interested in, as well as numerous art classes and talks developed by Bernstorff with the support of numerous local women artist from Oaxaca and the United States. During these 7 years, the women of Tanivet developed their own artistic language and began to prosper with the sale of their cloth products. They are now a self sufficient coop of women whom are still taking classes with Bernstorff but have developed their own marketing ideas to help support their family income and most importantly feel a great pride as to what they have achieved as women under difficult situations who wait for the return of their husband and children who have gone to the United States to help support their families.