John Nichols

National Affairs Correspondent


John Nichols is a national affairs correspondent for The Nation. He has written, cowritten, or edited over a dozen books on topics ranging from histories of American socialism and the Democratic Party to analyses of US and global media systems. His latest, cowritten with Senator Bernie Sanders, is the New York Times bestseller It's OK to Be Angry About Capitalism.

Radical on the Inside: Tom Hayden’s Irish Rebellion Radical on the Inside: Tom Hayden’s Irish Rebellion

With "Irish on the Inside: The Search for the Soul of Irish America" (Verso), Tom Hayden has penned a book on the Irish-American experience that has as much to do with Independenc...

Mar 16, 2002 / Blog / John Nichols

Pickering Nomination Blocked Pickering Nomination Blocked

After months of struggle, first by Mississippi activists, then by national civil rights groups and finally by a handful of determined Democratic members of the U.S. Senate, the Se...

Mar 15, 2002 / Blog / John Nichols

Unspinning the Pickering Push Unspinning the Pickering Push

Supporters of Mississippi Federal Judge Charles Pickering's nomination to serve on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals -- which is expected to be blocked this week by the Senate Judi...

Mar 14, 2002 / Blog / John Nichols

Trade Fights Trade Fights

There aren't many Democratic Congressional candidates who can claim that they personally thwarted the agenda of organized labor in the most critical legislative battles of the pas...

Mar 14, 2002 / Editorial / John Nichols

Pickering: On The Wrong Side Of History Pickering: On The Wrong Side Of History

At 1700 Birmingham Ave., in Jasper, Ala., sits the little white bungalow where Carl Elliott lived for more than 50 years. It is about as unassuming a house on about as unassuming ...

Mar 10, 2002 / Blog / John Nichols

Kucinich Rocks the Boat Kucinich Rocks the Boat

Dennis Kucinich never doubted that millions of Americans had deep concerns about George W. Bush's ever-expanding war on ill-defined foes abroad and on civil liberties at home. Bu...

Mar 7, 2002 / Editorial / John Nichols

Wave of Election Reform Hits California. Wave of Election Reform Hits California.

As partisan squabbles in the US Senate continue to delay meaningful action on election reforms proposed after the Florida recount crisis of 2000, California voters are taking ball...

Mar 6, 2002 / Blog / John Nichols

Fighting Pickering Fighting Pickering

Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson says it's like this: If judicial nominee Charles Pickering is confirmed by a Democratic Senate, the Bush Administration will have a green ...

Feb 28, 2002 / Editorial / John Nichols

From Muckraker to Mayor From Muckraker to Mayor

As a take-no-prisoners political columnist for an alternative newspaper in Dallas, Laura Miller made mayors miserable. She declared city officials "brain dead" and portrayed them ...

Feb 18, 2002 / Blog / John Nichols

Enron’s Global Crusade Enron’s Global Crusade

The Texas company has been a scandal in other countries for a long time.

Feb 14, 2002 / Feature / John Nichols