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George Kennedy

Born in 1949, George Kennedy was influenced by the great illustrators as a child (including Rockwell, Leidendecker, Pyle, etc.) as well as the great satirists of Mad magazine, such as Kelly Freas and Mort Drucker. He worked as a cartoonist /illustrator for the “underground press” in the 1960s (The Great Speckled Bird, the Chicago Seed, etc.) He was a publisher/contributor to Catfish Comix and the Dialator (official publication of the satirical First Church of the Future). In the 1970s, he was a member of the original Mabey/Trousdell design/illustration studio. Considered a cutting-edge shop at the time, the studio won numerous awards and was featured in such publications as Print and CA. After this valuable apprenticeship, he briefly tried his hand at freelancing before settling into an academic career. Beginning as a part-time Instructor, he rose to the position of department chair of visual communications at the Art Institute of Atlanta, where he worked and supported a family for 14 years. When his children were grown, he returned to the fine arts. He says this his work, “generally categorized as ‘Automatist/Surrealist,’ became, once again, fully organic. During this period of discovery, I developed the mixed media/collage techniques and processes that continue to drive my work. I produced a body of work which I am proud of and developed a methodology and technique which informs my work today. However, being free of the need to monetize my work, I participated in only a few shows, mostly those which seemed to match my instrumentalist tendencies. I won a few awards and also had one of my best pieces vandalized so I must have been doing something right!. My work suffered for a time because of deteriorating eyesight, but cataract surgery in the summer of 2017 resolved this and my “Four Freedoms in the Age of Trump” is the first result.”