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Eric Foner

Eric Foner, a member of The Nation’s editorial board and the DeWitt Clinton Professor Emeritus of History at Columbia University, is the author, most recently, of The Second Founding: How the Civil War and Reconstruction Remade the Constitution.

  • PoliticsJanuary 18, 2001

    Southern Comfort

    The likely Bush cabinet will have some who have shown sympathy for the Southern Confederacy—a disturbing trend in the late twentieth century.

    Eric Foner

  • Electoral ReformDecember 14, 2000

    Partisanship Rules

    Abolishing the Electoral College is one way the Florida fiasco could be addressed.

    Eric Foner

  • HistoryJuly 27, 2000

    Shedding Lincoln’s Mantle

    American politicians are not noted for their historical self-consciousness.

    Eric Foner

  • HistoryJanuary 27, 2000

    Rebel Yell

    The recent march in Columbia, South Carolina, demanding the removal of the Confederate battle flag from atop the state Capitol is the latest episode in a long-running debate over the legacy of sl

    Eric Foner

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  • HistoryOctober 21, 1999

    Our Monumental Mistakes

    To the surprise of historians themselves, history--or at least its public presentation--has become big business.

    Eric Foner

  • HistoryDecember 17, 1998

    The Other Impeachment

    Once before in American history, during the turbulent era of Reconstruction that followed the Civil War, a President was impeached by the House and tried before the Senate--Andrew Johnson.

    Eric Foner