David Bacon

David Bacon is author of Illegal People—How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants (2008) and The Right to Stay Home (2013), both from Beacon Press. His latest book, about the US-Mexico border, More Than a Wall / Mas que un muro, is coming in May 2022 from the Colegio de la Frontera Norte.

A Union on the Line A Union on the Line

With its future at stake, the ILWU will not go down without a fight.

Oct 10, 2002 / Feature / David Bacon

Supreme Court v. Unions Supreme Court v. Unions

The recent decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Hoffman Plastic Compounds, Inc. v. National Labor Relations Board makes it plain that the Court's majority lives in denial...

May 2, 2002 / Editorial / David Bacon

Labor Fights for Immigrants Labor Fights for Immigrants

The stage is set for a showdown over the fate of undocumented workers.

May 3, 2001 / Feature / David Bacon

Unions Without Borders Unions Without Borders

A new kind of internationalism is challenging neoliberal globalism.

Jan 5, 2001 / Feature / David Bacon