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Dave Zirin

Sports Editor

Dave Zirin, The Nation’s sports editor, is the author of ten books on the politics of sports, most recently, The Kaepernick Effect: Taking a Knee, Changing the World. Named one of UTNE Reader’s “50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Our World,” Zirin is a frequent guest on ESPN, MSNBC, and Democracy Now! He also hosts The Nation’s Edge of Sports podcast. You can find all his work or contact him through his website Follow him on twitter @EdgeofSports.

  • SportsOctober 26, 2006

    Baseball in the Ashes

    The last time the Detroit Tigers faced the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series, the Motor City was literally aflame. What's evident this time is that the city never rose from the ashes.

    Dave Zirin

  • CitiesSeptember 28, 2006

    Saints and the Superdome

    The hype-masters of sports would have us believe that the return of the New Orleans Saints to the Superdome is a sign of a city on the verge of resurrection. It's not.

    Dave Zirin

  • Journalists and JournalismSeptember 26, 2006

    Screamin’ at the Machine

    We should be cheering at sports events and screaming at politicians. But these days, it's vice versa. Now that ESPN's Screamin' Stephen A. Smith is acting like a pundit, things could change.

    Dave Zirin

  • SportsSeptember 19, 2006

    Sneakers for Social Justice?

    New York Knicks point guard Stephon Marbury is getting props with a $14.98 sneaker designed to appeal to low-income kids. But the criticism he's endured over sweatshop labor shows it's hard to do good.

    Dave Zirin

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  • SportsAugust 20, 2006

    Troops and Hoops

    There's something unnerving about USA Basketball's motivational tactics for the 2006 world championship--encouraging players to spend time with wounded Iraq veterans, in hopes of enhancing teamwork and patriotism.

    Dave Zirin

  • ReligionJuly 28, 2006

    You Can Keep the Faith

    Major League Baseball's new "Faith Days" campaign is about more than family-friendly Christian entertainment with a twist of commerce.

    Dave Zirin

  • Labor OrganizingJuly 14, 2006

    Baseball Begins to Listen to Sweatshop Foes

    After pressure from the local newspaper and the City Council questioning the use of sweatshop labor to create Pittsburgh Pirates regalia, Major League Baseball seems willing to listen to activists' complaints.

    Dave Zirin and Derek Tyner

  • SportsJune 20, 2006

    Hey Guys, It’s Just a Game

    Soccer's not for wimps, but Team America and its fans have brought a decidedly militarist mindset to the World Cup.

    Dave Zirin and John Cox

  • HumorJune 2, 2006

    The Rockies Pitch Religion

    The Colorado Rockies recruit Christian players and claim God is at work on their game. Major League Baseball woos evangelicals with special "Faith Days at the Park." Something's going on here, but it has nothing to do with God.

    Dave Zirin

  • HumorMay 26, 2006

    Ricky Williams Dreams of Canada

    Former Heisman trophy winner and ganja-smoking peacenik Ricky Williams is contemplating the sweet life in the Canadian Football League. Here's hoping he finds it.

    Dave Zirin