Danny Kohl

Danny Kohl, a progressive activist for over fifty years, is a professor of biology at Washington University in St. Louis. Full disclosure: He has a grant from the university, funded by Monsanto, to study adaptations of plants to drought stress.

GMO? Hell No! GMO? Hell No!

GMO? Hell No! We knew that Danny Kohl's "GM Foods--Another View" [April 16], on genetically modified organism (GMO) technology used in food production, would provoke...

Jun 28, 2001 / Letters / Danny Kohl and Our Readers

GM Food–Another View GM Food–Another View

Genetically modified food has been the object of extensive criticism by many, including in the pages of this magazine. Here is a different perspective. --The Editors The ...

Mar 30, 2001 / Editorial / Danny Kohl