Bruce Shapiro

Contributing Editor

Bruce Shapiro, a contributing editor to The Nation, is executive director of the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma.

O’Connor and the Parameters of Possibility O’Connor and the Parameters of Possibility

Bruce Shapiro argues that O'Connor's resignation poses a conundrum for Republicans.

Jul 6, 2005 / Editorial / Bruce Shapiro

Free-Speech Fights Free-Speech Fights

Rummaging through Yale University's library shelves in early 2001 to prepare a talk on news media and genocide, I came across a study of nineteenth-century Colorado newspapers by...

Feb 17, 2005 / Editorial / Bruce Shapiro

Gonzales: The Fight Is On Gonzales: The Fight Is On

Click here for info on how you can help oppose Gonzales's nomination.

Jan 5, 2005 / Editorial / Bruce Shapiro

The Rehnquist Election The Rehnquist Election

This election is a referendum on William Rehnquist's Supreme Court.

Oct 26, 2004 / Editorial / Bruce Shapiro

Rehnquist, Cambodia & Abu Ghraib Rehnquist, Cambodia & Abu Ghraib

The Chief Justice wrote a rationale for Nixon's invasion that is being used to justify torture.

Jun 26, 2004 / Feature / Bruce Shapiro

Letter From South Carolina Letter From South Carolina

The greatest threat to hopes of defeating Bush remains Democratic business as usual.

Feb 4, 2004 / Feature / Bruce Shapiro

Kerry’s Army Kerry’s Army

Click here for info on Bruce Shapiro's Shaking the Foundations: 200 Years of Investigative Journalism in America, recently released by Nation Books.

Jan 29, 2004 / Editorial / Bruce Shapiro

Ryan’s Courage Ryan’s Courage

"Our capital system is haunted by the demon of error," Illinois Governor George Ryan said on January 11, clearing his state's death row as his final act of office.

Jan 16, 2003 / Editorial / Bruce Shapiro

Censorship 101 Censorship 101

Annals of Higher Education: If recent events at Stanford and Harvard are any indication, the past decade's earnest debates over "political correctness" are over, replaced by ro...

Dec 5, 2002 / Editorial / Bruce Shapiro

Rethinking the Death Penalty Rethinking the Death Penalty

Politicians and courts are taking their cues from growing public opposition.

Jul 3, 2002 / Feature / Bruce Shapiro