Bri M.

Bri M. (pronouns: Ze/zir) is a podcaster and political agitator with a fierce desire to change the way disabled people are regarded in mass media. As the executive producer of the podcast Power Not Pity, Bri has contributed to many conversations about disability, race, and gender. Ze was the 2019 Stitcher Breakthrough Fellow and a 2019 Werk It! Festival presenter, and was featured at the Afros and Audio Festival 2020. Bri is and will always be a proud Jamaican-American, queer, nonbinary, disabled alien-prince from the Bronx.


Maybe We Shouldn’t Go Back to Normal Maybe We Shouldn’t Go Back to Normal

“Normal has always been a perilous reality.”

Jun 30, 2021 / Something Is Happening Here / Bri M.