Bob Moser

Contributing Writer

Bob Moser, the author of Blue Dixie: Awakening the South’s Democratic Majority, writes about politics and religion for The New Yorker and other outlets.

The Devil Inside The Devil Inside

Falsehoods, fudges and outright lies have defined Ralph Reed's career. Tarnished by the Abramoff scandal, he's betting his political future on the tendency of the religious right t...

Mar 30, 2006 / Feature / Bob Moser

Cornbread and Roses Cornbread and Roses

With his campaign to eradicate poverty in America, John Edwards has shed his Clinton Lite image. But to truly redefine the Democratic party and win the 2008 presidency, he has a lo...

Nov 10, 2005 / Feature / Bob Moser

Endangered Species of the American South Endangered Species of the American South

What the Democrats must do to survive.

Oct 2, 2003 / Feature / Bob Moser

Samaritans in the Desert Samaritans in the Desert

Defying US policy, they save the lives of illegal migrants, a cup of water at a time.

May 8, 2003 / Feature / Bob Moser