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  • Gabriela Thorne

    Originally from the Bronx, NY, Gabriela Thorne is a senior at Harvard University studying African American Studies and Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. She is particularly interested in the intersection of Blackness, Latinidad, and gender, focusing mainly on the Caribbean and the Caribbean diaspora.

  • Tjeerd Royaards

    Tjeerd Royaards is an award-winning editorial cartoonist from Amsterdam; he's also editor-in-chief of Cartoon Movement, a global platform for editorial cartoons.

  • David Tigabu

    David Tigabu is the co-producer of the Edge of Sports podcast. He can be reached over Twitter at @DavidTigabu.

  • Ann Telnaes

    Ann Telnaes is a Pulitzer Prize–winning, nationally syndicated cartoonist for The Washington Post.

  • Steve Breen

    Steve Breen has been the editorial cartoonist for the San Diego Union-Tribune since 2001 and his work is nationally syndicated by

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  • Charles Lewis

    Charles Lewis is the founding executive editor of the Investigative Reporting Workshop and a professor at American University in Washington, DC. A veteran investigative journalist, he is also the founder of two Pulitzer Prize–winning nonprofit news organizations, the Center for Public Integrity and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. His most recent book is 935 Lies: The ...

  • Lily Lou

    Lily Lou is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying journalism and computer science.

  • Paul Gaston Aaron

    Paul Gaston Aaron is a writer and researcher based in Belgrade, Serbia. His article “The Idolatry of Force: How Israel Embraced Targeted Killing” appears in the Summer 2017 issue of the Journal of Palestine Studies.

  • Dana Perls

    Dana Perls is the senior food and technology campaigner with Friends of the Earth.

  • John W. Boyd Jr.

    John W. Boyd Jr. is a fourth-generation black farmer, businessman, and civil-rights activist. He is the founder and president of the nonprofit National Black Farmers Association.