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Scott Sherman

Scott Sherman (scottgsherman.com) is a contributing writer to The Nation.


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Why did one of the world’s greatest libraries adopt a $300 million transformation without any real public debate?

The current renovation plan is too costly and will ruin the landmark 42nd Street building. A reasonable compromise is still on the table.

Where are their voices on the major issues of the day?

Corporate sponsorship is undermining a wide network of democratic, farmer-owned co-ops.

Anthony Shadid was an exceedingly rare reporter in the thinning ranks of American journalism.

As NYPL President Anthony Marx wages a public outreach campaign, opposition to the library’s renovation plan picks up support from Mario Vargas Llosa, Salman Rushdie, Jonathan Lethem and others.

Will the new president's mega-million-dollar makeover of the main library scare off scholars and leave the branches begging?

Under the editorship of John Freeman and Ellah Allfrey, Granta is thriving again.

Freedom to do just what he pleases defines the life and writing of Geoff Dyer.