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Scott Sherman

Scott Sherman (scottgsherman.com), a contributing writer to The Nation,  is at work on a book about the New York Public Library.


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Will the new president's mega-million-dollar makeover of the main library scare off scholars and leave the branches begging?

Under the editorship of John Freeman and Ellah Allfrey, Granta is thriving again.

Freedom to do just what he pleases defines the life and writing of Geoff Dyer.

Though a new four-volume compilation of Paris Review interviews is filled with riches, it is tailored to the tastes of a polite literary culture.

Though a new four-volume compilation of Paris Review interviews is filled with riches, it is tailored to the tastes of a polite literary culture.


Rupert Murdoch has not wrecked the Wall Street Journal, as many had predicted. But a key question remains: is the new regime committed to unbiased reporting, or will it politicize the news?

An affectionate and absorbing oral history raises questions of whether George Plimpton's amiable exterior concealed a man without qualities.

Biographer Patrick French offers a vivid, sometimes enthralling portrait of a deeply enigmatic writer.

How the pugnacious, money-losing New York Sun has won friends and influenced conservatives.


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